Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chinese Anime For Motorola

Motorola has enlisted the help of Chinese animator Zhu Zhiqiang to create a tongue in cheek version of the RAZR2 TV ad in the same style as the Xiao Xiao movie. The 75 second clip shows the characters interacting with their phones whilst acting out a genius fight scene. A great partnership for Motorola to form with a nice pay off.
Have a look!!

Sexploitation Ads

MTV has been an influential force on pop culture and it is important to note which tactics they use to spread their messages to the youth of today. The ads in the above gallery are from two different campaigns. . The first two are for a recent North American campaign to boost viewership. The last three images are from a Portuguese campaign to promote condom use and the prevention of HIV.
In both campaigns, there is one obvious similarity: the use of sex and sexual imagery to provoke interest and intrigue. Whether using sex to sell is ethical or not, when it is helping to prevent the spread of HIV, I think it is wise to consider both sides of the debate. The end may just justify the means.

5 interesting ads by Origami Creative Concept

Horizon School

Mugen Oriental

Dance Studio Inc- Senior Citizens

Accenture- Dress Code

G Sport - Carmasutra

Another Good One

Check it out-
Tiako - Something (Singularity remix)/320

Alone In The Dark

The First "survival horror game" of the world is relaesed for XBOX.
Check out the trailor at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwAi4mAH1zs

Racism Again

The string of attacks on Indian students in this Australian city has led the provincial government of Victoria to push for a plan that would have tougher sentences for hate crimes. The damage control action comes within months of Australia launching a multi-million dollar effort to woo Indian students.
However was the behaviour of Australian Cops towards the student protestors justified??????
I dont think so..